Review of "Strange Currencies" by Daniel Sendecki
Publisher: Ahadada Books
ISBN: 0-9732233-0-8

David Sendecki has, in Strange Currencies, made his travels more than just a collection of stamps in a passport. Each place becomes a word photograph that holds essence rather that mere words. Each poem is unique in its descriptions, bare and warm, beautiful and sombre. In short, it creates a view of the world that is complete in heart.

Sendecki's poetry ranges from short phrases to elegant prose. His words do more than bring forth the essence of traveling abroad and immortalizing a place. Sendecki crafts his phrases so precisely as to hold onto a moment and open it up so that the reader can share that instant as it was, even years later.

A word of warning to future readers is advised. Sendecki confronts the brutal reality of Septemper 11, 2001 in more than one poem, each heart-rending in simplicity, honesty, and a unique beauty.

--J. Anne Mauck
June 12, 2003; First published on this site