NaNoWriMo 2010
Last on Mars


Date Word Count Comment on writing
Nov 1 4082 Honestly, NaNoWriMo is like my New Year’s celebration.  I feel like I get a new chance at everything every November.
Nov 2 6008 Regarding the novel, I’m struggling right now with scenes, so I’m stopping for the night, hoping to pick up more tomorrow.  Total word count is not bad for day 2.
Nov 3 9022
Nov 4 11,000
Nov 5 13,109 I’m struggling today.  I’m just not feeling the word flow today. 
Nov 6 16,131
Nov 7 17,012

Horrible day.  Simply horrible.  
I haven’t felt well all day and that equaled bad writing.

Nov 8 18,755  Today, writing went a little better.  As I noted on my twitter, life is getting in the way of noveling.  Not cool.  Also, I’m in a real weird stretch of the story, so writing it is a little awkward.  We’re on our way to somewhere big in the plot, but getting there is a bit icky.
Nov 9 21,501 I hit a scene I’d been looking forward to tonight.  It was good, and I am pumped.
Nov 10 23,549 I feel like I’m doing very well.  That said, I’m still a little hesitant to say that I like my story. I like some of it, but it’s about to take a turn and I’m not sure it will be good.
Nov 11 25,001
Nov 12 25001 I had a rough day at work and decided to take the night off. 
Nov 13 28,110

Nov 14 30,387
Nov 15 32,340 Today was a beastly day!  I am beat so I am going to bed a little early tonight.
Nov 16 33,088 I didn’t feel well and fell asleep early with a massive headache.
Nov 17 35,308 Writing went a bit better today after brainstorming with my husband.
Nov 18 36,577 The story is lagging a little.  I’ve hit the rut, as so many do about this time in NaNo.  I’m trying to ramp up to the second climax, one related to Mars instead of God, but it’s hard.  I think I wore myself out a little on the first one.
Nov 19 37,784
Nov 20 41,034
So far as writing, I’m working well towards the end of the story.  It’s getting intense and I want to write a lot tomorrow too.  As much as I want to write, I am ready for this story to be over.
Nov 21 46,312 I added 5278 words to my word count today.  It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed it very much.  I wrote my best scene today, it made me cry it was so wonderful to write.
Nov 22 49,041
Nov 23 50,007
At 1am on day 23, I am finished, with 50,007 words.  That last thousand was the hardest to write of the whole novel.  My story came up that much short. 
But I did it and it’s done.  YAY!!
Nov 24
Nov 25
This is the earliest I’ve ever validated, so I’m pretty proud right now.  Doubly so since I actually finished the story this year.  Last year, I got to 50k and quit because I hated my story.  Indicentally, I wrote the ending for that one this year, only took another 200 words.  I’m a little disappointed in myself for that.
Nov 26
Nov 27
Nov 28
Nov 29
Nov 30