NaNoWriMo 2006
Spelling With Bullets

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Day Wordcount Commentary
1 1824

I feel somehow off today. I've had this sinking feeling in my stomach all day, partly due to the drama at work, which will fit into the novel quite nicely. HA! Anyway, this is not the place for complaining about work, that's what livejournal is for.

There's guns in this novel. Good guns.

2 3518 Why I am pissed off today? It's day 2 and some people have listed their word counts at well over 50,000. Here I am, actually writing with no net, and doing a full time job, still trying to have a life, and being pissed off all the time, and there are people out there, mostly fucking teenagers who are writing garbage, who claim to have written 100,000 words. If they typed at least 50 words a minute for the entire 48 hours, maybe. But I doubt that. Anyway, it's going well, better than I expected really.
3 5078
4 7011
5 9024 I wanted to get 10k before the end of the weekend, and I have some time left, but I just don't feel that good right now. However, the story is going well. For now. Ha.
6 9112
7 10304 Didn't write yesterday but maybe 30 words. I was feeling off. I'll probably make up the difference a few hundred words a day this week. It'll be ok, I haven't quit yet this year.
8 10304
9 14224 Didn't write yesterday, clearly. Went to bed at around 9:30 in the evening, woke up around 5:30 am, and wrote for 3 hours, resulting in just about 4 thousand words.
10 14394
11 15034
12 18024

Word Count before midnight: 18,024
Word Count by 1:30 am on Nov. 13: 20,643

I can crank out the word count when I actually focus.

13 20643
14 21668
15 22083
16 22445 NaNoWriMo is moving apace, and speaking of pace, I'm behind. Not surpisingly. I'm just so tired. Bleh.
17 22593
18 30087
19 30408
20 30697
21 30697
22 30697
23 34014
24 38052 I'm working on the 35k mark on the novel. I will get it before I go to bed tonight. I WILL!!
25 41975
26 46896
27 49023 Fewer than 1000 words left to finish NaNoWriMo!
28 50032 Crossed 50k words, and the story's not done.  Yet.

That's a 3X win for Jenny!