WTF Mate?

About this site (Lady Saria :: Shadowrun, as it were)

I adore Shadowrun for many reasons. The magic and tech, the continuity with Earthdawn, the guns and cars, the skills system. I love FASA and was very sorry to see it go. However, FanPro is doing an outstanding job, though they've been slacking a little on release dates lately (late 2004).

Yes, Lady Saria still exists in the 2060s. If Alachia can still be alive, so can I. That bitch.

In our games, though, Lady Saria is more of an NPC/GM type character, she's obviously too well off and into her lifestyle to be out on the streets, guns blazing, lighting up the shadows. You don't live for 5000 years and not learn a little something about self preservation!

The events of the interim between Earthdawn and Shadowrun have not been established for our characters yet, but you can guess that they laid much lower than Alachia (you know, not impersonating royalty, etc).