[The Links]


ShadowFAQs: If you have any questions, this is the place to go for answers.
Matrix Links: Seems to be THE definitive list of SR links, except of course, that I'm not on there.
The Adept Handybook v1.0: Collected phys ad rules.
Other net.books: Gotta love how much has been done for SR that we are trying to do for ED.
Sven's Shadowland
Shadowrun: Defining Points in Woeld History: Nuff said
Mod Music Winamp Plays these...
spaz's site for everything: This site has some links for just about everything.
Matts Place - Shadowrun
Home of the Character Generator for Shadowrun
Isle of Shadows

and, because I'm a little crazy:

Simple Inexpensive Pocket Holster
Making a Patter (another holster)

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