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W3LC0M3 2 S34TTL3! I'm [silvershades] - a close personal friend of Molly and the decker she comes to for "commercial" work... ^_^ You can find out more about me elsewhere (I used to be a poet, but that just doesn't bring in the creds like it used to) . The Illustrious Lady Saria has allowed us some space in her home, such an angel. Good thing too since Molly's helped her out a few times. Plus she has a sweet system, not bad for a non-decker.

About this site, read the wtf page.

The Official Shadowrun Page by Adam Jury, who is, btw, quite an impressive guy. Check out his personal page.

Also, Dumpshock is -the- place for Shadowrun stuff.


Anyway, I've decided to put up a small tribute to our Shadowrun game. Here are some thing's I've been working on for a while, about since Third Edition came out.

Want to know about Molly and her crew? This is the place for the paydata.

Weapon Specs
This is essentially Molly's locked cabinet. It's got the goods (that my GM has let me get away with).

A collection of links to great Shadowrun sites, possibly out of date, but the Matrix is fickle.





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