Yep, that's me over there.

There's really not much to say that the rest of this site doesn't talk about.

Here's the personal section, of events or things dear to me, that I wanted to share.

the wedding

Paul and I were married on April 13, 2007 (yes, a Friday).  Here is our "wedsite" where we chronicled things and then posted pics.


Yes, I am a nerd.  Nerdcore.  I build computers and then love them to death.  Literally.

crazy cat lady

I love cats.  I love looking at pictures of cats (mostly on Caturday) and lolcats.  I love my two cats.  I love reading about cats.  I know many useless facts about cats.


I love books.  I love to read and I love to write.  Here is a link to my GoodReads profile.

Movies and music

I am a movie junkie.  Think of this page as Jenny's Guide to Good and Bad Movies.  I also adore music and this is a brief tribute to a few of my favorites.