feles, chat, gatto, katt, neko, maow

We have 2 cats, a boy Xan and a girl Devi.  The eyes above belong to Devi.

Ailurophilia is the love of cats.

Tesla became interested in electricity because of the sparks generated when he pet his cat.

We are anti-declawing - it's cruel and unnecessary.  Get a good trimmer and use it regularly, starting at an early age.
Similarly, please spay and neuter your cats, there aren't enough homes for the cats out there now.
Love your cats, keep them inside.  Outdoor cats average a 3 year lifespan.  Indoor cats average 16.

Torties (and calicos) are generally only female due to the color genes on the sex chromosomes.

In the USA, white cats are good luck and black cats are bad luck.  In England, the opposite is true.