This is the central hub for all pages maintained by J. DeBonte. Here you will find the Earthdawn and Shadowrun related pages by Lady Saria, the author and publications pages for SLAWERKS and J. Anne Mauck, and much more.

About this site

While most sites relating to Earthdawn already have or are starting to vanish from the web, I will endeavor to keep Lady Saria's Keep up as long as I have the space to do so. I doubt there will be any new additions, but if there are, they will be prominently noted.

The site has now been broken down into sections to sort things for easier maintenance.

  • Writing: to include NaNoWriMo projects, reviews, and articles
  • Gaming: to include Earthdawn, Shadowrun, and others
  • Personal: to include wedding, computing, and general info
  • Blog: solely my WordPress blog
  • Other: to include everything else that doesn't fit here...

Who am I?

I am Jenny, aka Lady Saria, but I go by many names both IRL and online. Much of who I was, things that were formerly captured here at ladysaria.com, are no more. I have changed muchly since I began this website and thus it is ever-changing with me.

In short, I, like most people, am many things. First and foremost, however, I write. This is more than what I do, this is what I am: a writer. I thrive on creation, whether that be novels, poetry, rpgs, photography, or even webpages. If you really want to find out more, you've come to the right place.

This site began on tripod.com, and a great time was had there. The website moved to ladysaria.com in 2002 and there it has stayed.