Gaming and me

I fell into gaming in 1994 and, to be honest, it changed my life.  I was probably heading in that direction anyway, but to have such a finite point in my life by which to measure a turn is quite special indeed.  Over a decade later and I still love the feel of dice and the clatter they make as you toss them on a good hardwood table.  Aside from pen and paper RPGs, I've dabbled in most other kinds.  Few games have captured me so completely as these I enshrine here.

The games

  • Earthdawn :: the first and truest love of my gaming life, wherein I spent six years of my life writing EarthdawnLegends and writing my own netbook "The Wastes." This section contains it all, from Lady Saria to my GM experience.
  • Shadowrun :: related to my love of Earthdawn (if you're in it, you know it), and my ever-love of cyberpunk and urban fantasy, how could Shadowrun not fit into my gaming career.  The fifth world is coming, beware, be very aware.
  • Video Games [MGS2] ::  I was one of the winners to get my name into MGS2, and this is my page dedicated to that, my actual fifteen minutes of fame.
  • Video Games [Diablo II] ::  I loved Diablo II so much so that I developed a repetitive stress thing with my elbow.  As evidenced by this page, maybe I loved it a little too much
  • Mudding [FoxMUD] :: was the first mud I ever played, and I had a long life there and made some good friends.  This is an archive of some of my stuff from there.

is that all?

Of course, that's not all!  If I listed everything here, I'd never have time to play and that's hard enough to find as it is.  However, if you wish to keep up with my gaming adventures, you can follow my rarely-updated gaming livejournal.