FoxMUD Maps

from Fullpint's old FoxMUD page

Dakron Bae

The main town of FoxMUD.



Welcome to Nadosk, the Halfling tree city. The reference room on each level will bring you up or down to the next level,
as the Halfling City is built upon a great tree. The city of Nadosk can be found on the continent of Juevean. Rumour has
it that there may be more than one way to cross the continents, but many new players take the boats. To read about the
different points of interest, hover your mouse over the colored squares.


Sogettek Harbor

Sogettek Harbor, named for a military hero of the Empire, rests on the western coast of Benthera, quite
near the northwest corner of that continent. Typical of a smaller imperial city, it is the only imperial city
currently open to outlanders, including adventurers. While less exciting than some regions, it has proven
to be an extremely safe locale to explore for less experienced wanderers.