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The FoxMUD page at stated that it was last updated July 24, 1998. However, the actual front page stated that it was last updated November 9, 1998 and claimed 10,433 hits since May 18, 1996 as of the archiving of this information (June 20, 2005).

This is Waldo's copyright notice on front page:

This website and all of it's contents are © 1996-1998 to AS&D Consulting and FoxMUD Online Adventuring Site. Any replication or duplication of the information contained within is strictly forbidden without the expressed written consent of the aforementioned groups. Any commercial use or duplication of this copyright material without prior licensing is forbidden by federal law. Violators may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties.
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the only true clan on FoxMUD

Introducing FoxMUD

FOXMud this is (insert your name here), you...this is FoxMUD ...greetings. If you are viewing this page you must be into MUDs in some way or fashion. The term MUD stands for Multi User Dungeon. A MUD, particularly FoxMUD, is a place where people can get together, chat and exchange ideas, while the whole time slaying great mythical beasts of lore and legand. Things change. You would do well to visit this site frequently as it is guaranteed...if you build it, they will come.

Every page of the official website had tons of cheesy images and a different background/color scheme. It's enough to give anyone a headache. Thus the plain black and blue of this archive, but that is neither here nor there.

At the bottom of every page, Waldo included this:

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Last known addresses for FoxMUD 4848 4848 4848 4848 4848

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From the 'What's New' Page:
Fox MUD has found a permanent home here in the US, in Pennsylvania. Born in Chicago, wet nursed in Washington state, reared in and around Chicago, and growing up as an exchange student to California, Boston, and England, Fox has finally found its home. Hosted on a professional site (MUDSerives), Fox has never had a better connection, or a more stable site. It's good to be home!

Random Comments about FoxMUD

Theme: Reportedly "a fun place to hang." <gulp> Via Telnet: 4848

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Diku-based MUD with many non-standard features, including original spells, a 50-level system and multiple continents.
[This is the standard description everywhere.]