A Guide for Newbies to FoxMUD

This is fairly useless now, isn't it? This page appears courtesy of the Web Archive (http://www.archive.org)
and the "Un-Official FoxMUD Players Website" and written by Rhodry


None of us know everything, with the exception of a few Immortals *grin*, and none of us should be arrogant enough to think we know it all.

1. Getting Started
2 .Character Creation
3. Objective of the game
4. Basic Commands
5. Combat
6. Magic 
7. A Map of Dakron Bae
8. Leveling
9. Practicing
10. Grouping
11. Directions to places

Getting Started

FoxMUD is a text-based MUD ("Multi-User Dungeon", some also say "Multi-User Dimension") - an online game in which a virtual character you create interacts with a virtual world (and with virtual creatures as well as real players) by typing commands like "look" or "north" (and hitting the Enter key of course) or hundreds more. You need to connect to the FoxMUD server via a telnet program or a mud client. If you're using a Win32 operating system, just click on this link or, if that doesn't work, try "Start -> Run..." and enter "telnet", "Connect -> Remote system" and enter "foxmud.com" changing the port to 4848. Then you should "log in" and create a new character for you on FoxMUD.

 Character Generation

After choosing your name and a password the character generation procedure starts in earnest. the first question will be:

Do you want to be [M]ale, [F]emale or [N]uetral?
- All sexes are equal so pick which one you are happy with.

On Fox MUD, you can be one of several races. Some races have advantages over other races, but each race is balanced out in the end. More information on the races can be found by prepending an 'h' to your choice.

Available races:

1] Human (Builders of Cities and Rulers of Empires)
2] Dwarf (As hardy as the very ore they mine)
3] Elf (Inhumanly brilliant, but somewhat frail)
4] Zhoryl (Quick and hardy, but of smaller frame and mind)
5] Halfling (Darn nimble and quick, but simple and small)
6] Gnome (Quite bright, but very small folk)
7] Fairy (Supernaturally fast and agile, but most frail)
8] Half Orc (Strong and tough, but not exactly clever)
9] Giant (Stronger than an ox, and nearly as simple-minded)
10] Drakin (An ancient race, aged, slow, and blessed with wisdom)
11] Half Elf (Heirs to some elven strengths and weaknesses)
12] Merfolk (Aquatic folk, strong and able to breath air and water)
13] Raptyr (Winged folk, hawk-like, most at home in the air)
14] Tabor (Small, arboreal beast folk, hardy and very strong willed)
Please choose your race (1-14/?):

-The race you choose will effect the max your stats can be plus some races get innate abilities like fly and water lungs.

Then you have to select your class orders this is explained quite well by the mud.

After which its assigning stat points again explained quite well by the mud.

then its press return and into the big bad world.

Objective of the game

You might ask what Is the goal of this game well there is no real goal but some set out for 43 40 40 40 in their classes (the maximum levels a mortal can get) when you reach this you can Remort become level 1 0 0 0 again with better stats and go through it all again. The one basic aim is to go around gaining experience which you trade in for levels.

Finally the Main objective is to have fun.

Basic Commands

If a word is in ITALICS it means the mud has a help on it type help <italics> to find out information on the command.


The first commands you should learn how to use are the movement commands, North, East, South, West, Up, Down and Enter these will take you in the specified direction. NOTE: To go up or down at times you will need to be Flying or to have Climb practiced. Enter is a special movement command as it is used to enter portals to transfer you to different locations.

Inventory, Equipment, Wear, Wield, Hold, Remove, Get, Put and Drop

Item handling commands Inventory shows what you are carrying where Equipment will show what you are wearing. Wear, Wield and Hold will let you equip an Item if it is in your Inventory and can be worn by you. Remove will remove an equipped item and place it in your Inventory. Get is used to pick things up and place them in your Inventory where Put is to put items into containers. Drop is used to drop items from your inventory to the ground.

Look and Examine

Used to Examine the world around you Look at items, rooms, directions, Etc. Examine is used to look inside containers.


Not a Basic command but lets get it out of the way now type 

prompt (%cC%h/%HH %m/%MM %v/%VV %cW%xx )

This will give you a prompt so you can see your Current/Max Hit Points Current/Max Mana Current/Max Movement and your Current Experience Points.



Read all of this section.

What to do first

When fighting anything new consider is the command to use as in consider newt, consider basically compares your possible victim to yourself and gives you messages which should help you in deciding on whether or not you should try and kill whatever it is.

Lets Kill this thing

When you first start on the mud the main command to start combat will be kill <your chosen victim> (When you get further on in levels other commands can be used, like casting an offensive spell for Mages and Clerics and the main weapon in the Thieves arsenal Backstab).

Oops I made a mistake this thing is nearly killing me!

Well your options would be to recall but you probably do not have a recall scroll yet or flee, flee (if successful) will move you to an adjacent room to your victim (note some mobs wander and might come in and think "hey that's the person who was hitting me a minute ago" and attack you) a way to do this automatically is to use the Wimpy command typing it on its own will make you flee when your hp points reach a certain percentage of your max hit points. Wimpy <number> as long as number is under 25% (?) of your max hit points you will flee when your hit points get to number.

Hey I Killed it.

Well type get all corpse to get the contents of its corpse (gold coins or equipment).

Hey It Killed Me.

Well you can hope for a Level 36 Cleric to come and raise you or hope you typed config +deathmaze before starting to fight the thing. if you get raised you will lose experience in a worse case maybe a level as well. If you go to the deathmaze if you manage to solve the maze again you will lose experience and maybe a level. If you corpse (die without one of the above happening) you will lose more experience and maybe a level.


Magic is the main arsenal of the Mage Prime and is heavily used by most high level Characters for healing, protective spells and blasting. To cast a spell you use the command Cast. Some examples are:

cast armor Rhodry - (Casts armor on Rhodry)

cast 'fiery d' centaur - (Cast fiery doom at a centaur)

cast armor - (casts armor on the caster) 

Note the ' ' around 'fiery d' this is so I do not cast 'fiery c' (Fiery Claws a weaker spell than Fiery Doom).

With an offensive spell (a damage spell) if you are currently fighting you do not have to target your spell, it will target who you are fighting. 


Leveling is not automatic on Foxmud you have to go to one of the Guild Masters to level. So first you need to go find the guild master of the class you want to raise a level in. When you get there type Level the guild master will then tell you how many Exp you need to gain a level. Next if you have enough Exp, try to increase your Wis/Con/Int with any spells or gear you have (Level Gear). this is to maximise your gains, Wis is the most important as that affects how many practices you get. When your happy that your stats are high enough type Level Gain and you will gain a level.


After you have Leveled new skills\spells become available for you to practice. Again go to your Guild Master and increase your Int with spells or gear. then type practice this will show what you can practice with that guild master pick your skill/spell then Practice <skill/spell>. Now the reason a high Int is important before you do this is that it will take you less practices to adept in a skill/spell.
Note: Pick your skills carefully  as there are some skills/spells which you might never use.


As a new player you are likely to be asked by someone if you would like to Group/Sponge/Power-leveled. This how I started on the mud being power leveled. Note it does not always happen as us lords can have something else to do. But its a quick way of gaining Exp, as they get higher in level grouping will become a necessity to some players. Now then lets get on with it. Note in a group there are 4 specific jobs 

Tank - This is the person who starts the fight and takes most of the damage, not all of it as some mobs will tail other members of the group and area spell. If the tank dies usually the rest of the group will follow soon after. Tanks usually lead the group, Tanks usually have high Hitpoints, high AC and 3 attacks for 3 parries so level 36 warriors.
Healer - The second most important job in a group, this person helps heal the tank. The tank can also be the healer. When fighting big nasty mobs there might be a backup healer as well. Usually someone with a high cleric level.
Hitter - Most people start off in groups as a hitter. A hitter is just there to hit usually usually have a high damage to help and blasts with spells if they have any.
Blaster - Usually a mage prime, Uses high damage spells. Also usually has the job of unweaving any mobs with "Sanctuary" or "Spell shield".

To group people need to follow whoever is leading the group usually the Tank so Follow <Tank Name> whilst in the same room as them. The Tank will then type Group <Your Name> and you will join his group. When you first start grouping you will probably be a Hitter so there is not much for you to do except trundle around gaining Exp. 

NOTE: You needed to know who the tank is for the following reason. Now when grouped the tank will usually attack a mob (sometimes a thief will backstab and be rescued by the tank), now to join in the combat so that you do not take any hits type assist <tank name>. If you use kill or anything like that first, the mob will start to hit you and quickly kill you. 

 Always use Assist <Tank Name> to join in attacking when grouped.
Now when you have killed the mob the leader of the group gets shown who gets what exp. Now if your significantly lower than other people in the group. You will "Cap", that is the amount of experience you gain will be capped. your cap level is dependant on your actual level.

This page was last updated on December 31, 2001 .