The Gods of FoxMUD

This list was likely out of date when it was last updated anyway.




Moose the Steadfast, Grand Knight of the Vulpine Realm. Moose was our second coder, and along with Ranger, was one of our two coders for the couple years after Throm. Moose stands as one of Fox MUD's most dedicated Creators, since without him, we would no longer exist (we lost a site abruptly in late 1995, and were down for months when he brought us back up and hosted us, at far too much cost to himself). He earned our respect and thanks as much as anyone. All this, and he wrote an area, too! (Halflings & Dread Cavern in Eerie Forest) Besides, he has one of the best fingernotes on Fox MUD. ;')



Lord of Chaos, and Master Assassin, Adiron stalks the shadowy side of the Vulpine Realms. Our eldest Implementor, along with Moksha, he has aided Fox MUD many times, from sites to occassional coding to 'motivating' Throm. Like our other three Implementors (now all Emeritus), he was living in Chicago when Fox started up, in late 1993. Adiron tapped our first four, non-original Creators (in order): Sygis, Moose, Ranger, & Winter, to whom he passed on his role (which often included a little (positive or negative) 'motivation,' where needed ;').



Moksha the Mysterious, He who Walks Places Unknowable. Moksha, our eldest Implementor, along with Adiron, helped a great deal in our earliest days, and kept his hand in over the years, even supporting Fox MUD with a site a few years ago, for about half a year. Moska's works include hardware support, an early version of the Dakron Bae sewers, and occassional sysadmin type assistance, especially when he hosted us.



Throm, enigmatic figure at rest in the heart of the maelstrom. While we have four founders (Implementors), without Throm, Fox MUD would never have even started to exist. Throm was our first coder, and for the first couple of years of Fox MUD's existence, he was also pretty much our only coder. Throm would almost be our eldest Implementor, behind Adiron and Moksha by a few hours (see 'help story' while on Fox MUD ;'). Words cannot express how much Fox MUD owes Throm for his countless hours 'watching his keyboard move' as he coded into the dawn. Throm passed his role on to Moose, who then shared it with Ranger. Oh, and he also wrote the Eerie Forest, in between those sleepless nights coding. (Over time, Throm's role evolved into the Dean of Coders...see wizlist for DoC.)



Wedge, Charger into the Maw of Death (and often sole survivor of big groups), was our fourth Implementor by a few days. While Throm wove and rewove the threads of our code, Wedge worked on the fabric of our world, building the framework for the tapestry in which mortals play Fox MUD. Among our first authorities on Area Building, along with Prophet, then Aphrodite, then Cosah (now called Sygis), he helped ensure Fox MUD started with solid area standards, such as good writing and complete originality. Wedge eventually passed his legacy on to Cosah, who by that time was called Sygis, who shoulders that role to this day. (Over time, this role became Dean of Builders...see wizlist for our current DoB ;').


Kindyr and Morgul (no desc provided)



Rogue Lord, this 'Shadow Jack' roams the world, trailing a bit of chaos, a bit of mirth, and salting our realm with puzzles and tricks. Along with several other folks (rl buds Cosah, Selune, Salia, and Sedric), Crimson joined Fox MUD in early 1994, and immediately proceeded to see how many hidden tricks and traps each and every room of his first area could hold. Many months later, he finished, and the Mind's Eye Inn was born. Several other areas near completion, but our resistent Trapmeister labors hard and long on each, and time will tell when they will be ready, by his standards. ;')



Hawthorne, silent watcher from deep glades, protector of the forests. Hawth started back in 1994 as a mortal, but did not immort with his rl buds (Crimson, Cosah, Salia, Selune, Sedric), though he did continue to play. Years later, he decided to help out with coding, and eventually rose to Dean of Coders (our second of three), once we established Deans in 1998. Currently, little time remains for him to MUD, but he does keep his hand in, when he can.



The Highland Warrior, capable, proud, and the original (_years_ before there was 'Braveheart,' we had Ranger! ;') Ranger created the highlands as a builder, then progressed to Creator, where we discovered how amazing his coding skills were! In addition to writing several more areas (see arealist while on Fox MUD), he also wrote elegant fixes to some really tenacious bugs in our code, and upgraded both code and helps significantly.



I can't bring myself to put anything here... :(



Talisman, World Smith. Tal, one of our most prolific area builders, has worked long and hard on area creation on Fox MUD for many years. Author of many areas, he was also the only person to coordinate a group building project of a dozen builders (beehive), completed in around a week. Currently, he and Morgul have been creating a new alternative to dying, one which will never cause level loss or experience loss (but will have its own....'cost'), as well as ongoing work on several new areas.



Well what can I say, alot I'm sure. For some time now everyone has been saying, "Hey wouldn't it be great if FOX could have a web page." Well it's time has come. With a few days of effort, and a little creativity, this home page was born. I have also created a few areas on the mud itself where mortals can adventure, and explore. At this time, The Flower Garden, on the mud is the biggest thing I am proud of. The bosses looked at my work, and placed it very near to town, where all new players to the mud can learn and play in. It is a great honor to me to have my work appreciated in this fashion. So, without further ado, return to the main page, and goto FoxMUD, you will find a link to it half way down the main page.



Weavus, who is always being busy coding for our FoxMUD, has little time to forward a message for a greeting, however on his behalf, I will place his greeting here for him. I Weavus wish all of you a great time playing with all of my perfect bug free coding the first time because I am so great I never need to test my code as it always works. Visit my own website, listed below, and see some more of what we have in store for you at FoxMUD....some of it just might save your life, or your characters life, one of these days. There, I think that's what Weavus would have said had he actually wrote this himself.
Former Coders Adiron, Dante, Goaty, Mich, Moose, Puck, Q, Ranger, Shade, Throm
Greater Deities, Past and Present (Authors of Original Areas) Alaska, Aphrodite, Bloodstain, Cosah, Darkstar, Dino, Draug, Draven, Dybt, Elric, Feyd, Fred, Gabriel, Gart, Geve, Gotk, Greagan, Guerre, Hasen, Jazmine, Jedha, Johan, Keithy, Khaine, Lothar, Nihil, Nightstar, Nurgle, Phyer, Pleblo, Prophet, Redcross, Renots, Salia, Selune , Sho, Slayne, Studboy,Theoden, Thexder, Thought, Tim, Ultramagnus, Vardalek, Venom, Virus, Winter, Xintha, Zaran
Deities, past and present (stage III area builders) Bink, Blink, Contra, Demonica, Half, Jake. Khaela, Krull, Loki, Maxwell, Sedric, Tigris, Voodoo
Demigods, past and present (stage II area builders) Albion, Dymond, Fallwith, Krush, Lucent, Matt, Zappy
Immortals, past and present (stage I area builders) Araxia, Archon, Argon, Aryx, Atrox, Bakta, Balder, Benedict, Brand, Cailte, Carver, Cas, Dagda, Darlentian, Diablo, Elrond, Fool, Goaty, Hextor, Iggy, Jiriki, Kyrian, Lillith, Livius, Milamber, Nivek, Nutcase, Paco, Paldinar, Pithe, Pluto, Psycoe, Ripley, Saria, Savatage, Stryfe, Tam, Thorik, Thrud, Tiger, Turbo, Wade, Waken, Warchild, Wednesday, Whitenoise.


Elected and Appointed Offices: Officeholder: Email Address:
------------------------------ ------------- --------------
Chief Executive        (EXEC): Morgul
Dean of Administration  (DoA): Talisman
Dean of Players         (DoP): Kashaar
Dean of Builders        (DoB): Sygis
Dean of Coders          (DoC): Sygis

Altered List from around December 2001 below
[Note: Aryx and Saria are not on this list]

Wizard List

Implementers Adiron, Moksha, Throm, Wedge
Emeritus Creators Crimson, Waldo, Weavus
Creators Kashaar, Kindyr, Kitten, Morgul, Moose, Ranger, Sygis, Talisman
Coders Moose, Morgul, Sygis, Coder, Fickle
Former Coders Adiron, Dante, Goaty, Mich, Puck, Q, Ranger, Shade, Throm, Wedge
Lesser Creators Dymond, Fickle
Area Builders Alaska, Albion, Aphrodite, Bloodstain, Cosah, Darkstar, Dino, Draug, Draven,
Dybt, Elric, Feyd, Fred, Gabriel, Gart, Geve, Gotk, Greagan, Guerre, Hasen,
Jazmine, Jedha, Johan, Keithy, Khaine, Lilith, Lothar, Madman, Nihil,
Nightstar, Nurgle, Phyer, Pleblo, Prophet, Redcross, Renots, Salia, Selune,
Sho, Slayne, Studboy, Theoden, Thexder, Thought, Tim, Ultramagnus, Vardalek,
Venom, Virus, Winter, Xintha, Zaran.


Lord List





Master (43) Daniel Kyr Memnoch Rhodry Santos Shygrl Smoke Warlock *TERROR Dyfed Fellwar Kenny Lorek Skulver *BALROG Blackwind Fullpint Galrion Shaitan Smudly Arakus Darkstar Decado Fritzgrad Gyre Windfire Zorm *HUGIN *PIGLET *ROSS
Adept (42) Cable Hemp Mortimer Seer Nagash Dash Hex Sphynx Tom
Lord (41) Larmib Musashi Stormbringer Void Xinu Candy Ldyorage Xar Kaarde Quicksilver Shouda Stork Armond Benito Juden Mace

*All capitals denotes a player who has obtained level 40 in all other classes in addition to their Master level.


The following players have succeded in becoming titled lords on FoxMUD:
Listed in order of achievement.

* Blackwind the Bane of Assassins
* Cable the Adept Magus
* Daniel the Magus
* Darkstar the Reaver of Gore
* Dash the Chief Vigilante
* Decado the Knight
* Dyfed the High Patriarch
* Fellwar the Patriarch
* Gumby the Fell Reaver
* Hex the Knight Commander
* Hugin the Weaponsmaster
* Kenny the Grand Patriarch
* Mortimer the Adept Sorcerer
* Musashi the Sorcerer
* Ross the Weaponsmaster
* Shame the Bane of Assassins
* Shouda the Rogue
* Stormbringer the Arcanist
* Void the Arcanist