FoxMUD Clans


While it seems that after my days of Fox clans became something toyed with, there are two listed on the only site to include such information. Those being "Union of Light" and "Suicidal Mercenaries."

My old clan: Vampyre. Nothing will ever compare to the group that Vardalek started. We helped each other without question. In fact, we banded together to get Vard to imm level. The clan finally fell to pieces when Vard was no longer around to hold us mortals at bay, and we started going at each other, mostly because one girl decided she deserved to be in charge. Aryx and Saria (yeah me) decided that wasn't going to happen, and it went to hell, even though Vard was willing to come back and mediate, no one else was interested except for the three of us... So, if you see that logo above floating around, it may very well be me, I'm still quite attacked to it.