The Known Mortal Realms


Continent of Karazen

The continent most adventurers hail from, once ruled by several great empires (human, dwarven, and elven).In recent centuries, the human empires have crumbled competely, or disbanded into city-states, like Dakron Bae (once a vassal state of the kingdom to streaching north), or Jayadeva, far west of Dakron Bae. The elven empire splintered into colonies on this and other continents, while the dwarven empire was completely extinguished on Kazaren, though it survived on Benthera, the continent to the south. Kazaren is home to humans, elves, halfelves, halforcs (and orcs), merfolk, and a host of other races.

City of Dakron Bae All (Jake/)Wedge/Sygis The magnificient city we all call home. Dakron Bae is the hub of business and commerce on the continent of Karazen. All shops and townspeople welcome business throughout town.
*Southern Annex of
Dakron Bae
All Talisman  
*Ariel Sections Above
Dakron Bae
All Darkstar/Sygis  
*Travellers' Guild Cellar
& Cavern
Newbie - Low Sygis  
*Cathedral of the Sacred Order Low-High Thought/Sygis  
*Warriors' Guild of
Dakron Bae
Low-Med Morgul  
*Thieves' Guild of
Dakron Bae
Low-Med Crimson(forthcoming)  
*Guild of Mages' of
Dakron Bae
All Darlentian(forthcoming)  
*The Picture Gallery Med-High Bloodstain/Talisman/Xintha  
*Sewers Beneath Dakron Bae Low Moksha/Sygis/Crimson  
*Crimson Daggers' Guild Hall Medium Cosah/Sygis  
*The Stage Hall Medium Selune  
*The Sandy Beach Low-Medium Talisman  
The Bay of Rantarius Med-High Talisman  
The Gilded Menagerie Low Sygis  
Flower Garden Newbie Waldo A magical garden, northeast of town, where the plants have come alive and wander about.
Earthworm Tunnels Low Waldo Dark tunnels below the garden that are inhabited by earthbound creatures.
*A Giant Beanstalk Low Gabriel/Sygis  
Temple of Dhysral Medium Studboy  
Centaur Lands Medium Jedha Northeast of town lies the lands of the centaurs. Mythical creatures, half man and half horse, they roam the plains and have constructed a small village of their own.
Crab Sand Castle Low Talisman Built from the sandy beach, the Castle stands proudly on the shore, overlooking the ocean, southeast of town. The Crab Folk invite all to visit and enjoy their hospitality.
Sea Forest Med-High Dino  
Undersea Triton Holdings High Talisman  
Isle of Dreams Med-High Crimson  
Minds' Eye Inn Med-High Crimson  
Village of Xandor Med-High Guerre  
Hidden Grove Low-Med Selune(forthcoming)  
Community of Clarning New-Low Fred/Feyd  
The Forest Maze Low Salia  
The Dread Dungeon Med-High Moose  
*Bunny Fields Low Throm  
*Spider Infested Tunnels Med-High Geve/Sygis  
*Abandoned Mountain Cemetary Medium Renots/Draven  
*Mortas Ruins in the fens Medium Sygis  
*The Undead Graveyard Med-High Zaran  
Orc Salt Marsh Medium Talisman A community of wet, miserable, MEAN orcs! Located southwest of Dakron Bae.
Gnoll Stockade Low (Jake)/Wedge/Sygis Cruel, smelly, violent creatures, violate and torture many helpless victims. West and north of Dakron Bae, these beasts occassionally test the town's defenses.
Ant Hill Low Phyer  
*Dwarven Ruins within the
Med-High Theoden/Madman  
*Battlefield West of Dwarven
Low-Med Theoden/Madman  
Malkavian Manor Medium Elric A mysterious keep in the middle of the woods west of town containing many interesting creatures.
Town of Jayadeva High Ultramagnus  
Sygnasian Caverans High Ultramagnus  
Temple of Yi-Huen Medium Virus  
Grumbash Mountain New-Low Wedge/Sygis  
The Castle on the Highlands Medium (Jake)/Wedge/Sygis/Ranger/Waldo  
*Peasant Village Low Talisman  
*Apple Orchard Low Sygis A small orchard north and a little east of Dakron Bae is cared for by the peasants of the land. They bring bountiful fruits from the trees to the town's inhabitants.
*Crypt of Kings High Talisman  
*Dungeons of Despair Medium Talisman/Xintha  
The Scottish Highlands & Loch Med-High Ranger North of the town in the cold wastelands of the north, a rugged group of Scottish Highlanders have staked their claim upon the lands and built their own small town with sweat and blood.
*Kobold Caves Lord Alaska  
Ice Mountain Med-High Slayne  
Frost Elven Village Med-High Dybt  
Lands of the Shadow Dancers Low-High Tim  
Miralon All Aphrodite  
*Vulture King's Castle Low-Medium Aphrodite  
*Raven Raider's Medium Aphrodite East of town, above the clouds, an aggressive race of Ravens defend their lands as aggressively as any land-bound race that walks the earth.
*Hawkmoon Forest Med-High Aphrodite  
*Village of Sirylor Low-Medium Aphrodite  
*Mallorian Library Medium Aphrodite  
*Falconian Castle Med-High Aphrodite  
Were-Panther Commune Med-High Kitten The commune consists of play rooms, a nursery, and living quarters for the were-panthers. Even a sunning room is available. The were-panthers are east and south of Dakron Bae.
Were-Cat Castle Med-High Kitten  
The Meadow Low-Medium Keithy  
Underground Water Caverns Med-High Keithy  
Ogre Caves Med-High Talisman  
Mage's Tower of Death Med-High Virus/Waldo  
A Destroyed Sanctuary Med-High Waldo A destroyed sanctuary lies east of town, filled with haunting creatures and ancient guardians.
The Beehive Low-Medium (TEAM Talisman consisted of:
Aphrodite, Bloodstain, Dybt, Elric, Gotk, Guerre, Jedha, Jiriki, Talisman, Ultramagnus, Victoria, and Winter)
In an effort to show unity throughout the FoxMUD gods, Talisman led a team of over twelve immortals. In one evening, the beehive was built. Located east of town, the bees buzz around their home.
Forest of Dyr All Sygis  
*Animal Run Protected by
Wyrd Sisters
Med-High Talisman  
Basalt Mountains Med-High Cosah/Sygis  
Desert of Desolation Med-High Cosah/Sygis  
*Anom's Oasis Med-High Sygis  
*K'Sah's Hell Med-High Cosah/Sygis  
*Institute for Arcane Studies Med-High Sygis  
The Shu'raTha-Kai Pyramid Med-High Aphrodite  
Elemental Plane of Air High Sygis  
Elemental Plane of Earth High Sygis  
Elemental Plane of Fire High Sygis  
Elemental Plane of Water High Sygis  
Astral Plane High Studboy  
The Firelands of the Giants Med-High Madman  
The Talon (Mountain of Dragons) High Jedha  

Continent of Benthera

Ruled by Emperor Talahr, the Continent of Benthera is home to humans, dwarves, and zhoryl, as well as such oddities as the mole people of Malchia. A few renegade civilizations have proven either too primative or too remote for his Imperial legions to conquer, such as Derimore, on the eastern coast. The port city of Sogettek Harbor, governed by Count Alderthron, lies on the northwest tip of the continent, and most travellers from Kazaren find this their first encounter with the Empire. Subtropical to tropical in climate, it would be a paradise, but for the everpresent Imperial Forces.

City of Sogettok Harbor All Wedge/Sygis  
Castle of Count Alderthron Low-Mid Wedge/Sygis  
Serf Fields ruled by the Lord's Castle New-Low Johan/Lillith  
Annuire Forest Low Vardalek/Lothar  
Trebu Mountain Village Low Nurgle  
The Underground City of Malchia Low-Med Hasen Far east of Sogettek Harbor lies the underground city of Malchia. This light-starved city thrives in eerie darkness beneath the land. Rumors suggest moles have developed a sense of community and, through the natural magics of the land, created a new sentient race.
Cavern of Bats above Malchia Med Hasen  
Simboitre the Tropical Jungle Low Winter  
A Hilly Sub-Tropical Rain Forest Low Khaine  
The Annuire Orchid Bog Low Sygis  
Subtropical Forested Hills Low Khaine  
Emperor Tallahars' Palace ...upcoming ... Sygis  
The Subterranean City of Malchia Low-Med Hasen  
Zhaggorath, Fortified Dwarven City Med Gwynn  
Dwarvian Tower High Pleblo  
Sogettek Trail All Sygis  
Intic Village of Taknotec Mid-High Nihil  
City of Derimore Med Kitten  
Boantia, City in a Bubble High Kitten  
Continent of Juevan
Halfling Tree City of Nadosk All Wedge/Sygis  
Underground Root Tunnels of Nadosk Low Winter  
Trail Eastwards from Nadosk to Coast All Sygis  
Village of Oestal All Sygis  
Settler Farmsteads Newbie Hasen  
Mahedorian Enchanted Elven Forest Low Ranger  
Enchanted Fey Tree City Low Redcross  
Lost City of Serpents Lord Venom  
City of Fellport on Vrask Archipelago High Prophet/Thexder/Moose/Sygis Awash in the chill, grey Mirash Sea, this island chain (or archipelago) was settled ages ago by folk of legend. One such group were the Knights of Cerulea, a band of honorable, truly goodhearted knights who established a bastion upon the largest of the isles. Other islands remain unexplored, though the time will come when these may be accessible, for several expeditions are under consideration at this time. Accessible by ship, such as the Mave Runner, or by Shadowgate, rumors bespeak of the ill fate of those too inexperienced for the challenges of this harsh region. Home to no known races, it has become a refuge for some individuals, and the doom of others.
Caverns of the Newt High-Group Gotk  
Cerulean Keep High-Group Winter/Waldo/Ranger  
Snow Pine Forest High-Group Winter  
Citidel of the Crystal Mages High-Group Gart  
Fellport the dark city (Forthcoming) High-Lord Prophet/Thexder/Moose/Sygis  

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