Saria the Sorceress of Fire and Ice here... Welcome to my tribute to all the rogues who have followed me devoutly.

AlizaWendy*Elly RozeneHannahPaige
ItonyaElexa*Oriana Aliza IIVisalaMaeko
Aliza IIIKyokoLiaza IsoldeRaissaPaige II
ItheraLieneAnnor ShikhaRozene IIRyann
AbhayaFionaAnnor II KundriKyle**
* Did not die in service, but were lost due to unforseeable circumstances
** Died to Andariel

How you treat your rogue will determine their dedication. Here are a few tips:

1. Always respect the fallen you find.

2. Never offer them for sacrifice.

3. Don't let them live to be captured.

4. Please be kind - don't torture them more than necessary.

5. Promise to avenge their deaths.

Lastly, have kind thoughts for your rogues. Their careers are short and all in the name of Duty.