About me

Here we are, on the ubiquitous “about me” page. I suppose, I should talk about myself here, but that’s what the whole blog is about, so instead, I’ll just provide some vital statistics:

  • Born in 1976, child of the 80s. Loves Barbies, Transformers, hair band power ballads.
  • Violinist since 1985, learned cello in late 80s. Taught violin/viola in early 90s.
  • Christian, baptized in very early 90s, Presbyterian by choice.
  • Geek since birth, enraptured by science at an early age.
  • Conservative, but prefer no party identification. Enjoy the ideas of anarcho-capitalism.
  • Advocate for the 2nd Amendment. A government that fears its people respects their rights.
  • Music enthusiast, especially classical. Love gothic/symphonic rock all the way to dubstep.
  • Avid reader; average yearly reading is 38 new books, a few rereads.
  • Still am and always will be a consumer whore.
  • Mom since 2014

I try to post something of consequence every Saturday. Sometimes, there’s a midweek brief post. Enjoy!

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