Uh oh, I’ve started something…

As many of you already know, we went to the Lego store at Castleton Square Mall for my birthday. It was a total kick-ass experience. I want to do it again. I need more pick-a-brick! Here’s a picture of our haul:

[click to enlarge]

As a side note, we didn’t have a cake topper on our wedding cake, so we got this:

[click to enlarge]

Anyway, those cups in the first picture, that’s from the pick-a-brick wall. Btw, I need more. I’m getting some stuff from BrickLink for this new project, but I want more Lego!!

So, here’s my first Lego diorama: Alien Autopsy (version 1):

[click on pics to enlarge]

Version 2 will be way more evil. Or will it be an alien abduction? We shall see!!!

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