Election 2016, thoughts

A few thoughts and I’m done thinking about this. I have to move on, I have enough on my plate that I can’t worry about the idiocy of 50+ million people.

1 – If you voted for Hillary just because she’s a woman, that’s terrible and you should not play politics until you understand that the candidates gender means NOTHING. It’s about policy and lies and morals and ethics. If you think she would have made a great role model for your daughters, which I don’t, you weren’t paying attention when her husband cheated on her and she stood by his side supporting his corruption. You weren’t paying attention when people died. You weren’t paying attention when she lied to our faces. And you weren’t paying attention when she colluded with others to shut out Sanders.

2 – Sin legislature doesn’t work – you can pass laws against abortion, gay marriage, drug use, and so on, but it doesn’t matter – if people want it, they will have it, legal or not. Give up on trying to legislate sin. See also: prohibition.

3 – What happened is exactly what we should have expected, it’s what our culture has been asking for. You can only shout into the echo chamber so much before the only thing you hear is yourself. You are not alone in this world, and no one has to agree with anything you say. If we all agreed with each other, imagine how boring and stagnating this world would be. When we become so offended by another person’s very breath, this is the backlash.

4 – The goal is smaller government, not bigger government. The more laws you make, the more restrictions you place, the worse things are for everyone. You can’t say that we can make a choice but then say your only choice is horseshit or bullshit. That’s not choice.

5 – Nothing is going to change in the big picture. The world today is the same as it was last week. Let’s be honest. The only thing to change in the last 8 years is the sad state of health case. No one is going to have to wear yellow patches. They’re not going to round up people into gay camps.

So, what am I going to tell my daughter about this?
1. I’m going to tell her not to aim for president, because she needs to be an astronaut so she doesn’t have to live on this planet anymore.
2. I’m going to tell her that we have a media problem and that she shouldn’t believe everything she hears, that she needs to do her own research and make her own decisions, and to turn off the damned talking heads.
3. I’m going to tell her that just because 50+ million people think something is right, that doesn’t make that true.
4. I’m going to tell her that I’m not afraid of what’s to come.
5. I’m going to tell her to vote her conscience because she has to be able to look at herself in the mirror every day and know she made the right statement.
6. I’m going to tell her to work hard, do the right thing, stand up for what she believes in, and do what she can to make the world a better place.

I have disabled comments because, as I mentioned above, I am done with this. It’s time to move on. I will not respond any further on this topic.

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