Hope This Helps

I find this phrase one of the most offensive (one of many) I hear or see on a regular basis, especially used by disingenuous and/or stupid internet folk. Here’s a typical scene for this phrase’s usage:

User1: Hi, I need to know XYZ.
User2: Hi, X and Y, plus Z because “go to hell”
User1: Thanks!
User3: User2, you’re so totally wrong because “apes are monkeys”
User4: Here’s what I found on the internets (provides link). Hope this helps!
(User4 is ignored for the rest of the conversation because info is irrelevant and non-useful).

Example: http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/weeds/msg0415410828549.html

“Hope this helps” comments are usually posted by two kinds of people:
-People who actually believe that their comment/link/opinion is true and will instantly stop any argument about said topic.
-People who are trolling.

I hate this phrase so much that I actively want to slap people who use it. Do you really hope this will help? Or are you saying that because you are just passively/aggressively dropping a comment in an argument that you actually care about but don’t want to really get involved in? Or do you really believe that this throw-away, dropped here comment will actually help? Are you so sure of your comment that you only need the drive-by “hope this helps” as a sort of hat-tip to the peons as you go through life?

In short, I hope this post helps you not sound like the arrogant jerkwad you may not be, even though you sound like it.

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