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First 5 things I said after giving birth

1. Is she out?
2. I wish Mom could have been here.
3. She’s really a girl, right?
4. I’m not pregnant anymore!
5. She has such a pretty voice.

The Ring Sling

Being the crafty lady that I am, and the thrifty one, I decided that I would make a ring sling rather than spend $50+ on one. If you don’t know what a ring sling is, here’s a picture (not the one I made, obv.).

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presenting… the next generation


Paul and I welcomed Rachel Anneka into the world on July 19 at 12:07am.

If you are interested in my pregnancy story or our birth story, stick around, they will be posted.

We’ve been very busy these last eight weeks, getting to know our beautiful little girl and figuring out how to be parents. I’m surprised at how much this has changed my perspectives on all sorts of things, and this blog will reflect that. I will be posting my reviews on the various baby products we have, as well as my experiences as a level 1 mom. The crafty/cat-lady/geek/book-lover stuff will be around too; I haven’t changed that much…