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Book Update; entry 9

23. Children of Hamlin (ST:TNG 3)
This one was better than the previous two in the series, the characters felt more like themselves. The story was somewhat irritating in its vagueness throughout; it’s atypical to hold the audience in such darkness. Looking forward to the next one, which focuses more on Tasha.

24. Damaged: A Violated Trust
A badly written YA novel; if you want to click the title, you can read my review at GoodReads. It was free on Amazon so at least I’m not regretting money spent, just time.

25. The Walking Dead Vol 15
Life sucks in the zombie apocalypse.

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Book Update; entry 8

Full disclosure: I LOVED this book. Below is my GoodReads review of this book.

22. Joan of Arc
It’s going to be difficult for me to express exactly how much I loved every moment I spent reading this book, but I’ll try anyway. I had read that this was Twain’s favorite writing, and it shows. Every word, every phrase, every chapter is lovingly crafted. I have never read something that was so obviously adored by its creator as this. So rich is his description, I felt as if I were actually there, swept away by the tides of French history. The details were so well researched that Twain leaves no doubt that every breath is true.

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, by the Sieur Louis de Conte is a long and detailed telling of Joan’s life as remembered by her childhood friend (and eventual page). De Conte takes us through their shared childhood in Domremy, through her triumph across France to Rheims where the Dauphin is crowned, and to her eventual execution (and subsequent Retrial and Rehabilitation postmortem). It is a sad and uneasy tale, but through it all Joan shines purely and perfectly.

The appendix of this edition (by Ignatius Press) contains an essay written by Twain which basically summarizes the story of his novel, except that it is a recounting of his research of the events.

While his telling of this period of history is fictional, one could only hope to be remembered and loved so well as Joan is here.

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Mother’s Day 2013

So this week has been kind of rough. Last Sunday, May 5th, was Mom’s 73rd birthday. Today was hard, being Mother’s Day and all. I have made it through just over six months without her. I still have the same hard questions that I couldn’t answer before when I was able to speak with her. I still don’t have answers. I still have the same fears and horrible thoughts. I still cry. A lot.

I really just wanted to skip the day today. But I had volunteered to read at church (what was I thinking), and so I went. Listening to the sermon was hard, mostly because it wasn’t what I wanted to be hearing because I am still hurting so much from missing her. But it made me think of all the things I can never ask her now. Things like, what did she think the moment she saw me for the first time. Any answer my dad gives me about it will be his memory, not hers. How can I approach motherhood in any way without her guidance? How can I approach my 40s and 50s (where she lost her own mother) without having any more time with her? How can I move past the fact that I am now the age she was when I was born; is my own best life expectancy only 36 more years?

I was just looking at the framed photo I have on my bookcase of my parents. How has it been so long since we spoke? I miss her so much, and today was really much worse than I could have anticipated. How am I even doing this? How am I going on? I’m afraid to even think about it.

National Day of Prayer

Today, May 2, is this year’s National Day of Prayer. Some people miss the point of the day, saying “shouldn’t you be praying all year ’round?” Well, yes, but this day, much like other “Days” is for a reflection on why we do what we do year ’round. You don’t celebrate Mother’s Day just that day and write her off for the rest of the year. You don’t take Presidents’ Day and not reflect on the leaders, both former and current, of our nation, and say screw ’em the rest of the year. (On second thought, most of you probably do say that…)

This Day was established in 1952 and is observed by many people across the nation, both those associated with a specific denomination and those not. For some people it’s a really big deal, and not for the same reasons… Some love it, and some hate it. I’ll let you figure out who is who here.

So why do we need such a day now? Reflect on the following recent headlines:

Pentagon: Proselytizing Punishable by Court-Martial

Kermit Gosnell Murder Trial: Deliberations go on in Pa. abortion doctor’s case, no verdict

Steve Smith, Ohio man convicted of killing 6-month-old Autumn Carter as he raped her, has been executed

I could go on, but really, with these horrors going on every day in our country, neglecting to mention those outside our borders that are no less horrific, is it any wonder that there needs to be a day to remember why we need to pray for our leaders who make laws on our behalf (whether we voted for them or not)? These are frightening times we live in, whether you believe in God or not. But it’s a lot easier to go through with His support.