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2013 Book Challenge

I’m going to try to catch up on my reading this year, since I definitely slacked off last year. Before, in past attempts, I made 42 books in one year. This year, I’ll try for 50 again.

1. Cassandra Rising – a collection of science fiction by fantastic women writers; some I enjoyed more than others, but over all, a solid collection.

2. When Parents Die: A Guide for Adults – sad that I needed to read this, but it did help.

3. The Ethics of Sex – promised more than it delivered, disappointing for a Zondervan book, a vague traipse through the Bible with an eye toward sexual morality, but with no real solid answers.

4. Jenny Plague-Bringer – good conclusion to the series, though there was so much more that could have been told I was sorry to see it end.

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Getting Back on Track

Though I’m still heavily entrenched in my grief, it’s time to at least attempt to get my life back on track. I can’t stay stopped here, even though I long to stay or even go back in time. That’s not possible, and there are other people that I have to think and care about. It is for them that I push on.

I wrote a poem for the first time in months last night. No one besides my husband may ever read it, but it matters that I’ve done it. I’ve broken through… something.

At any rate, time marches on.

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New Year, again

New year, same feelings. Not that I expected anything different.